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Модули для Orchard CMS


Allows to block incoming request by IP or by referer. Can be helpful to prevent referer spam.


Orchard CMS Module to manage anonymous role view permissions. This adds extra tab at /Admin/Users page. It allows to make content type securable and edit anonymous view access for it.


Provides login by social networks for Orchard CMS through service. Supported social networks: Google Plus, Facebook, Vk, twitter, and many other...


Module contains image processing functions and Multipicker to manage images in Orchard CMS control panel. With this module you can create image gallery, banner-rotator or just insert image to site with requried size.


Amba.KeyValueStorage provides simplest key value storage based on Orchard Records. You can access to key value storage by using REST API, or from code by using IKeyValueStorageService.


This module contains Field to manage HTML without WYSIWYG, but with syntax highlight. Also module allows to manage HTML blocks are inserted to razor templates. For example google analytics couter, etc.


This module logs for 404 error.


This module allows to collect and show files download statistics. It shows last 100 downloads with referer url and download statistics by file.

Сайты Бортовой журнал яхты Uminoko

Бортовой журнал яхты Uminoko ведётся с помощью специального android-приложения в режиме offline. Данные из приложения могут быть выгружены на сайт.

This webservice allows to easy create map with marker and create link to share.

List of asian yacht marinas. It was not easy to find information about Thai and Malaysian marinas before site.

RMDI.RU portfolio site

Portfolio site for Ryazhskikh Maria designer. Powered by Orchard CMS with Amba.ImagePowerTools module usage.

Bead search service by online shops.

Другие проекты


This plugin renders multi-select HTML element as box with selectable items. This plugin created for


Standard DOMDocument has rich functionality, but it is not handy enough. XMLDocument is extension of standard PHP DOMDocument and DOMElement. This project contains two classes for easy create, navigate and process XML documents.